My Personal Favorites

For my first post I decided not to fully review anything just yet – but instead to go more in depth on my preferences. Now one thing I want everyone to understand from the beginning is that we are all different. To be more precise: skin tones, facial structures, skin textures, complexion, etc. You can have a really fair skin tone or a really deep skin tone. You can have really dry skin or really oily skin. You can experience redness, dark circles, or dry patches. My point is not everything may work for you and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean you need to change it – and in most cases you can’t. So I just want to be clear that certain things mentioned throughout any post will be what works or doesn’t work for me. But I want to try my best to try to make things more versatile.

I wanted to dedicate this to my two favorite makeup brands right now. Charlotte Tilbury and Too Faced. Everything about these brand makes me happy – you have no idea. The packaging on most items is to die for. Both brands are also cruelty-free (in case that’s something someone has to know) and I love that. Now both these brands are also a little on the higher end side of things meaning the prices are a little more expensive than your typical drugstore product. For example the Too Faced Chocolate Bon-Bon eyeshadow palette (pink) and the Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette both retail for USD $49. I own both of these palettes and the pigment is amazing and the shadows themselves are stunning. Did I mention they each smell like chocolate and peaches? Seriously can’t get enough! I would recommend picking yourself up one of these eyeshadow palettes. There are also two other chocolate bar palettes as well, just so you know.

I just recently started to explore the Charlotte Tilbury makeup line and let me just say, I fell in love. It’s easy to say this particular brand is a little more “luxury” than “high-end” – picture this: MAC lipsticks retail for USD $17 and Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks retail for USD $34. See the difference? I do own each of those lipsticks mentioned and would definitely recommend both. But anyways, I do actually really like this brand. The “Legendary Lashes” mascara is a staple in my every day makeup routine. I absolutely LOVE IT. It can, however, get a little clumpy so I would suggest maybe using a mascara primer before applying or going in with a different second mascara after. Plus the packaging (gold) on everything appears to be well-made and certainly gives off the vibe of being “luxury.” If you’re looking to spoil yourself or even just splurge on a few makeup products, I’d recommend checking this brand out!

Hope you enjoyed! Any questions regarding either brand and/or their products, just leave a comment and I’ll try my best to reply!

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