Organization is Key

Things always take time to progress and practice makes perfect. I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone that’s been supportive so far with my first blog post and following me. I really appreciate it. I also wanted to mention that I’ve had views from all over the world and I’m more fascinated than ever by it. United Kingdom, Poland, Japan, Pakistan, Australia, Ireland, Canada, the United States, France, and many more. So a quick shoutout to all of y’all – it really is amazing! So I just wanted to say thank you and I hope everyone keeps viewing, following, and supporting!

I believe it’s good for one’s well-being to be as organized as you can. Organization is helpful in reducing your stress-level. As mentioned in my “About Me” I stated that keeping lists is a good way to do so. For example, write a to-do list. Maybe you have to do homework, study for a mid-term, babysit the neighbor’s two kids, and take a trip to the store. It could be extremely helpful to write everything down so you don’t forget it. I also mentioned that one of the lists I have is my “Makeup Wanted” list. It’s definitely for fun so I can keep track of things I’d like to buy but it also helps me keep everything neat and stops me from forgetting products in the future. A few things on my list to share with y’all: Too Faced Sweet Peach Papa Don’t Peach Blush (USD $30), theBalm Photo Balm Powder Foundation (USD $26), Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Face Palette (USD $68), Sleep Makeup Highlighting Palette in “Solstice” ( USD $14.99, €12.49), and many others. Those are just some of the few things I’d like to try  and test out.

Many people have “beauty rooms.” In other words, a room some people dedicate to makeup and a good amount of the time use it as a recording room. The well-known Ikea Alex 5 and 9 drawers may sound familiar to most of you. The company doesn’t ship to wear I live so unfortunately I don’t own them (even though I’d like too – I could use all that extra drawer space). However, I have a decent amount of acrylic containers, which I would recommend to help organize all your makeup. You can also find regular containers that’ll work equally as well at your local dollar store or even just some random containers you may have stashed around your home. One of my containers has three open slots and I keep my eyeliners on one side, my mascara in the middle, and all my lip liners on the other side. There are also four openings in the front which are shaped for lipstick but instead I use it to put my 4 most used mascaras – Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara (USD $32) and theBalm Mad Lash Mascara (USD $18) – those are just my two favorites. I have a three square open container that just holds a bunch of my lip balms, lip crayons, and lipsticks and drawers to keep all my liquid lipsticks. I know most people use actual lipstick holders but I find this just as useful and found at my local exchange. There’s also a place for all my makeup brushes and my eyeshadow palettes but of course, I’m certainly running out of room.

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The main organizer I have is the one in the middle of my vanity. I recommend doing this because it could help save you tons of time while getting ready for the day (maybe work) or getting ready in the morning for school if you’ve decided to sleep in on some occasions. I have my “every day” makeup products in this container. The things I use absolutely everyday (also have a few palettes that I like to keep out on the side for quick access like my Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sweets (USD $40). My foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, etc are located in this container. Then when I get a new product that I want to try out for a little while (see how it wears on the face) – I’ll switch it out with the corresponding product in my organizer. It’s very useful and helpful for me. I also keep a Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer and fragrance mist there as well to keep my “getting ready” time as effective and efficient as possible. In the long run I think you’ll be relieved  and grateful to have saved yourself so much time!

Hope you enjoyed! Comment below your makeup organization skills and how you keep things to help save time! Any questions, just ask.

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8 thoughts on “Organization is Key

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  2. I get ready super early in the morning after a gym sesh at work; so i need to be super organised and have everything set up before I head out. I usually pack all the essentials I need in a carry on pouch the night before.

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  3. I’ll really need to get it together once I move and get myself organized. I have a storage that I currently use but once drawer has all my lip products tossed in there and the next drawer is a bunch of pallets and so on. I need to figure out a way to have most of it displayed without it looking cluttered, otherwise I won’t use it. It’ll end up being forgotten.

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    • One thing I can recommend, maybe to separate some stuff.. go on the “byAlegory” website – they have a eyeshadow palette holder, under “Palette Product Organizers”. I think that could possibly help you out!


  4. I really get messed up, when it comes to organizing makeup. This actually gave me an inspiration to organize my makeup box. My make up stuff is generally segregated to places where it is easy to reach out! Great Post!

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    • That’s absolutely wonderful to hear – I’m truly glad I could help give some inspiration. And it’s great that you keep stuff in easy to reach places. I find that to be incredibly helpful! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you follow & stick around ❤

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