One Year Anniversary ♡

I actually stared at this blank post for awhile. To be honest, there’s probably more than enough to say but I feel completely blank. I know what I want to say; however, I want it to be perfect. You ever get that feeling? When something’s on the tip on your tongue yet nothing’s able to come out and your mind wanders for hours and hours? That’s me right now, 100 percent. I just really want to be able to write all the beautifully captured moments that are forever in mind, no matter how cheesy that sounds.

On this day, one year ago, my boyfriend Noah and I started dating. It’s been one hell of a year. Prior to this day, we actually became pretty good friends and we facetimed literally every day (you’ll see a picture later on of a screenshotted FaceTime call that Noah took and it was the very first time we facetimed on January 23rd 2016). Over this course of time, we’ve done a million things together. He’s always the person I want by my side when doing something new or just doing any activity again, like going to the beach. Noah started this list on his phone a long time ago called the “List of Firsts” and basically he wrote down (with the date) every thing we did together for the first time. For example: the first time we went to a movie, our first kiss, the first time we hung out, our first hug, our first dinner date, and many other things. I was actually really happy about that at the time. A great deal of that is because it’s a wonderful thing to look back on… let’s say a year later (hahahaha) and remember all those times but my main source of happiness coming from that is the fact he took the time to do something like that. Nobody had ever put that kind of thought into doing something like that before. It was like a breath of fresh air.

Noah’s probably paid attention to me and my feelings more than anyone. He’s honestly spent so much time just looking, listening, and learning every detail – half the time I thought he wasn’t actually paying that much attention. Y’all know how much I love Bath &  Body Works hand sanitizers. I mentioned that to him WAY back in the beginning of our relationship because it was just another fact about me and he’d always ask me to tell him about myself. To this day, he’s probably gotten me at least 15 of them – it’ll be completely random too. The first one he gave me was actually before we started dating and it was “Winter Candy Apple” – it’s been my favorite scent ever since. Just recently he got me a peach scented one. I love peaches more than life (probably why I love the Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection so much – which he’s the one who purchased the eyeshadow palette for me). He used to spoil me with MAC lipsticks all the time as well – the first one he ever got me was “Twig.” Honestly though, that stuff isn’t even the best part. What truly puts a smile on my face is when he sends me stuff and tells me that it reminds him of me – mostly songs. If you ask him, he’ll tell every single one of you that “she doesn’t listen to the lyrics of songs” and sometimes that’s true (hahahahaha) but I try! The two songs that come to mind right now are “Gambler” by Fun and “Thinkin Bout You” by  Frank Ocean. Listen to them some time – he really likes both of them, along side all his rap songs. There’s one song in particular that I like (from 2013 I think) called “Power” by Kat Graham. Some of you may know it. I’ve played it for him before but it’s not his style of music so he doesn’t really like it but when I actually listen to the lyrics of this song, all I do is think of him and that’s why I like it.

Noah’s different than any guy I’ve ever known. He has a past, just like anyone else, and I’ve seen him grow from it. He still has little flaws that get on every last nerve and it causes a fight (that goes both ways though) but we’re always okay sooner or later. And that’s what I love. We fight like an old married couple and over the stupidest things sometimes but at the end of the day it never changes how I feel. It’s the simple things I fell in love with. He always opens my door for me when getting into the car, even if I’m the one driving. He surprised me with a basket of treats a long time ago because I told him the night before I wasn’t feeling well. When my family and I came back from our spring break trip to Hong Kong the outside of my house was decorated with streamers, a welcome back sign, and presents. I could go on but you get the picture. It’s truly been an amazing year, downfalls and all. And now just one more thing to wrap this up before I go.

Noah, if you’re reading this – which I hope you are, thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for always caring and putting me first. Thank you for dealing with my bad attitude and my sassy comments. And thank you for being my bestfriend. You’re the first person I want to tell whenever something good or bad happens. You’re hard to talk to sometimes when you’re angry but when you’re not, you’re the most loving person I know. I hope you truly understand how much you mean to me and how much you’ll always mean to me. And although it’ll become harder, I’m excited for the future. I’ll always be by your side and your #1 supporter. Never forget that. Happy One Year Anniversary, my dear. I love you 

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13 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary ♡

  1. This made me feel so good reading this beautiful post. You two are obviously soul mates and I couldn’t be happier for you. May your love always shine throughout your days.

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