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So right now I’m kinda lounging around watching Chrisley Knows Best (which I find hilarious actually hahaha) and I’ve decided to go ahead and get some writing done. I’m sure I can speak for every girl when I say shopping is literally a way of life. At this point, it’s just apart of my personality. I personally like to break it down into about three categories:

  • Going out to actual stores and shopping (ex: the mall)
  • Window shopping
  • Online shopping

Just to clarify one of them real quick, just in case – window shopping is basically something I’m sure everyone has done at least once whether you realize it or not. It’s another form of going out to an actual store and you sadly happen to be broke as hell. So you end up just walking past stores, looking inside them, and seeing something you wish you could buy. I can say right now I’m 200% guilty of that. Hahahahahaha. I probably do that almost every time I go out. But today I wanted to focus more on online shopping.

Online shopping is something I sorta have to rely on because of where I live. At least almost 75% of the items or places I’m into, they aren’t on island. And unfortunately more than half of these same places don’t ship to where I live either. I hate that more than anything. What I normally do when I run into that problem is I find another site that has the same brand and ships here. For example, I can’t order from the actual Too Faced website because they don’t have the option of shipping internationally to my area; however, I will order from Macy’s all the time and they happen to carry the Too Faced brand. There are a decent amount of actual name brand makeup websites that ship here and when they do I’ll order from them. When they don’t, I actually do a lot of shopping from Macy’s and Nordstrom. I thoroughly enjoy both of those websites and they carry brands I love. And the main thing I love is I get cash back. If you’re unaware of how to do this, it’s a website called Ebates and basically you sign up and once you shop, they’ll give you cash back. Here’s a quick link if you’d like to check it out. There are plenty of times when stores give double cash back as well. For example, Macy’s is normally 3% cash back but a good amount of the time it’ll become 6% cash back. I highly recommend using this website when shopping online. You’ll save some money in the process. Cause let me tell you, I spend way too much money to not get some back, hahahaha.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I’m sure everyone’s gathered by now how much I love makeup. So it really does break my heart knowing Sephora and Ulta BOTH don’t ship here. I’ve had to deal with that for almost 3 years now, but of course I’ve adapted to working around that. Some places I’ve been able to order from that I like: Colourpop, Nordstrom, Kylie Cosmetics, Walgreen’s, Bath & Body Works (however shipping here is $20), theBalm, Forever 21 (there is actually one of these on island surprisingly), it Cosmetics, Amazon, Cult Beauty, Sigma, Ted Baker, JC Penny’s, eBay, and many others. One thing that I think is just as important as buying makeup is making sure you have a nice place to put it (not including makeup organizers – you can check that out here in another post if you’d like to see). What I’m more referring to right now is a makeup bag. Whether you’re keeping it in your purse for touch-ups during a night out or if you’re traveling. I think everyone should have a perfect makeup bag. I personally have my two favorite bags right now which are my Ted Baker makeup bag and my Zoella Beauty makeup bag. And yes, I love the color pink.

In my purse right now for touch-ups when I go out (have a powder & concealer if needed and my lipstick/lip gloss that I decided to wear that day), I’m using an ipsy makeup bag. I figured I didn’t need to buy a whole other separate makeup bag when I had a bunch of these bags I’ve been receiving. So I picked out one I liked the best and decided to use it. Some of the designs are really pleasing to look at and I’ve collected a few that I have no purpose for other than keeping them stored away so I’m selling them. If you’d like to take a look, I’ll leave a link below.

Makeup Bags for Sale

So as much as I enjoy the old-fashioned way of shopping, online shopping has definitely taken a toll on me and good luck to anyone who tries to stop me. Saving money is SO not my strong suit, but hey, I do try! Any questions or content you’d like to see in the future, just comment below  ❤️

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57 thoughts on “Online Shopping

  1. I do love gardening though I’m not very good at it. I’m lucky that the people who lived here before us put evretyhing in so I just have to act as caretaker. I think I need to get some tulips though after seeing yours it would really brighten up the place.


  2. I go window shopping all the time! I kinda just like to check out what is around and what I like because I don’t like impulse buying. Therefore, if I go shopping when I’m flat broke I can’t make spur of the moment mistakes and I know what to buy and have thought it through by the time I have money. As far as I know, Australia doesn’t have any sort of ebates offers but hopefully we will get something similar at some point 🙂

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

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    • Quite responsible – that’s nice. I keep of list of things I see that I like or that I want to try to sorta help with maybe not buying everything all at one and also so I don’t forget. But totally guilty of impulse buying sometimes. I hope something like ebates comes to AUS soon, it’s great!


  3. I like on shopping myself because of ebates too..who doesn’t want cash back lol. But mainly because you get more discounts out of it than you would in person. (Yes I window shop myself – caught red handed) window shopping allows me to view the quality of the product, then I go online and check for deals…Love this post. ❤

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  4. Yet another great post! I always find myself glued to the screen whenever I read your blogs and no my opinion is not biased because you know I’m evil and would tell you as it is, great job! ❤

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