February Favorites

Hello March, goodbye February. I’m sure I’m not the only one who blinked and February was just over. That’s been happening for awhile now… except January though – that month felt like it lasted forever to me honestly, hahaha. Regardless of that, we all know what the end of the months means.. FAVORITES – I personally love these posts/videos. I always find it really interesting to watch people talk about the things they’ve been loving. Whether it’s something they’ve had for awhile and just recently rediscovered it again or they’ve only had for two weeks and are already in love. This is my first monthly favorites post and I’ve added my own twist on it. Instead of doing the standard “picking out some products (for example just only five beauty related products) and talking about them”… I’m going to be sharing with y’all my favorite product in each category (concealer, lipstick) and two miscellaneous ones. So let’s get started!


Foundation. For awhile I was actually using stick foundations and I really enjoyed how they applied and blended out but over the course of the day I just kept realizing the same breakage in the same areas. It was always set with powder as well. The breakage was just always under my eyes, around my nose, and moving outwards from my nose towards my cheeks – that was where it most occurred. I finally decided to go back to a liquid foundation to see if that worked better for my skin when I got the Too Faced born this way foundation in the mail. The first time I wore it along with a new concealer I got in the mail as well, my makeup towards the end of the day was just 10x better. I still had a little breakage but only a small portion around my nose, keeping in mind I tend to have sinuses throughout the day too. So for right now, this is routine is working best for me and I love it.

Concealer. As stated previously, I got a new concealer in the mail around the same time as my foundation and wore them both together for the first time. This was the Tarte shape tape concealer. I pretty much already explained how it turned out but I will say this – being the first time I finally got my hands on it… completely worth the hype!
Powder. This is a new edition to my collection and to be honest with y’all, I’ve only worn makeup once since I’ve gotten it and that was when I tested it out last weekend. The Covergirl Outlast All Day matte finishing powder. As you can tell, it’s already a favorite. I completely loved the way it sat on my face. For me, it seemed to add just a little bit of extra coverage which was nice. And even nicer than that, it kept my makeup in place throughout the day. Great steal for a drugstore powder. 

Bronzer. Pretty simple actually. I don’t really do contouring at all really but I like adding a nice warm appearance to my skin considering I am quite fair. I’ve tested out some bronzers and still in the process of doing so, but always come back to the Too Faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer. It’s not too dark or too orange/red toned on my skin. Perfect for every day wear. 
Blush. The Nars blush in “Orgasm” is something I had a sample of for a little while and just this past weekend decided to give it a go. A lot of people have raved about this numerous times in the past so I’m a little late to the game but I loved it. I’ve been into a more “peach” vibe lately and it gave the most gorgeous flush of color to my cheeks. Going to definitely be using this again and buying a bigger size!
Highlight. The Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit in “Sweets” was gotten for me for my birthday and I’ve used it almost 98% of the time that I’ve worn makeup since then. The colors are gorgeous and it’s insanely pigmented. Plus the packaging is more on the pink, glittery side and I love pink. It was literally the perfect thing for me. 

Eyeshadow. Instead of picking a single eyeshadow, I’ve decided to just pick a favorite palette each month. So like I said I’ve been into the more “peach” vibes and tones lately so of course my favorite palette right now is the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I do wish it had just a nice, matte peach shade though. The shimmers are pretty but I prefer matte shadows a little more. Especially for the crease. So that’s probably my only complaint. But overall, it smells like peaches and blends out beautifully. 
Mascara. Eyelashes blacker than black and longer than life. I really don’t know what more you could want. The Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes was like finding a hundred dollars on the ground, plus I’m a huge sucker for cute packaging. Although the mascara can get a little clumpy, I’ve honestly just looked the other way because of how nice it makes my lashes look. A little on the expensive side but I’d repurchase in a second.

Lipstick and lipgloss. I’ve been trying out a ton of new lip products recently and mostly all of the same color range. I’m really into nudes/pink mauves/pinky nudes – that sort of thing. I feel those colors look best with my skintone. The Charlotte Tilbury matte lipstick in “bond girl” is the perfect shade for me. Super comfortable to wear and not drying on the lips at all. I also ended up pairing it with the Too Faced sweet peach creamy lipgloss in “papa don’t peach” on a couple outings, which is my other favorite. It smells like peaches and is the perfect lipgloss. And I really enjoyed how they looked together on the lips. 
Setting spray. I’ve used a few different sprays lately but this is rather simple why it’s a favorite. I prefer a more matte look because I tend to be rather more on the oily side and the NYX matte finish setting spray really locked in my makeup and gave me the finish I wanted. Super affordable as well!

Miscellaneous. This is a category I decided to add in for my enjoyment so there was more to get out of this than new makeup products to try out. First one is a repurchase because I’m seriously in love with the scent. The Bath & Body works diamond shimmer mist in “pink jasmine and blackberry.” I personally love the packaging and the way the mist itself looks inside the bottle (purple and sparkly). It smells amazing and I wear it every time I go out right now. My second favorite is actually a snack food item, hahahaha. I can literally eat four canisters in one week – the Lay’s Stax chips in “cheddar.” I love the crunch and I’ve always been a fan of cheddar. Completely addicting. 

So those are all my favorites this month and why! Start a discussion – comment some of your favorites this month and tell me why, there’s no limit. Thoughts? Questions? Leave them below. Thanks for reading babes, stay tuned next week for a new post. Hope you’ve all had a wonderful month of February ♡

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144 thoughts on “February Favorites

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  3. This is a really fun post. I like the idea of wrapping up the month with a favourites. Kinda gives you the chance to recap and reflect on the past month as well! The foodie in me couldn’t help but noticed the Lays Staxs! Love Nars… and slowly gaining my confidence in the world of makeup! xx Julia

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  4. I’ve heard such good things about that foundation before, but I’m always too nervous to try something new because if I don’t like, I’m stuck with it for at least a good month. The Sweet Peach palette is also absolutely gorgeous, but I already own so many palettes I couldn’t possibly justify buying it 😫 A girl can dream though.

    Also “Papa Don’t Peach” is such a brilliant name. I’m a sucker for a good pun!

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    • Go to one of your local stores and request a sample! So that way you can test it out to see if you like it before buying the full-size. And you can always justify buying a great palette ahahahha. Spoil yourself soon xoxo


    • Works extremely well – had my sister try it out for the first time last night and it’s seriously the only concealer that’s ever worked for her! It’s a great buy. Do treat yourself babe xo


  5. Some great recommendations! My makeup seriously needs updating! I’ve nearly ran out of all my essentials, my eyebrow pencil is down to the last inch lol!
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

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