The Beginning

Hey y’all, my name is Sarah. Just a nice and easy introduction to start us off (introduction to the blog, not myself – that can be found under About Me). So basically what I plan on doing is being a beauty and lifestyle blogger. I watch more beauty/tutorial videos on YouTube than the average person. I’ve thought about doing a YouTube channel as well but I’m not quite there yet so I decided this was a good step/alternative in that direction. I’m literally obsessed with makeup and I want to share my love of it. I know some people probably watch videos and start hoping they can change things about themselves but that’s unrealistic. For the record, every one of you is beautiful in your own way – always remember that. So my goal is to be different. Keep things short, sweet, and simple. Most importantly though.. to just have fun writing and sharing posts that I hope everyone will enjoy reading. 

(Insider ♡  I love videos/posts that have to do with: makeup collections, what’s in my makeup bag/handbag/travel bag, monthly favorites, and more)

I want to try to stick to some sort of schedule, to the best of my ability. What I have in mind right now is to write a new post every Sunday and Wednesday. I like the idea of having two posts a week but depending on how busy any certain week may become – I may only post once that week. (I also thought about this overnight hahaha – and I think to keep things fresh and to make sure there will be content to post, I may just post every Wednesday instead. I want to make sure there’s always something to write about and it may be a little difficult right now doing two days. But I hope eventually that’ll become my schedule). There may also be an extra post sometimes during a week. That’ll just depend on if there’s something I feel I absolutely need/want to write about that same day, if it’s not on the designated day for an upload. One last goal for later on in the future, I want to try to hold some giveaways. So I hope those will run smoothly and you must be following my blog (just so you know ahead of time). Just stay tuned.

Be sure to follow so you get notified of new posts or simply just click the “blog posts” tab and you can find all new posts there in one confined area. That’s where all new posts will be when published. This post is an intro (not content) explaining everything! Hope you enjoy reading ❤

Much love!

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14 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Haha! Same here, I wanted to start vlogging, but I think I’d be better off blogging, hihi. I’ll look forward to your posts! 🙂


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