About Me

So some quick information about myself. I’m 19 years old (January) and I live on a beautiful island. I enjoy watching different beauty videos on YouTube, collecting makeup, and going to the beach – considering I live on an island. Wanna know something else I’m obsessed with? TVD. Goodness. In case you’re unaware of what that is, it’s the “Vampire Diaries.” Starring Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. Literally the best show to ever exist. You can find the first 7 seasons located on Netflix and season 8 is on the CW every Friday night. Nina Dobrev, who portrayed Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce, left the show when season 6 came to a close but will be starring in the series finale (season 8 is the last season – 16 episodes). I can NOT wait for that. I also like watching the spin-off series from this show called “The Originals.” Season 4 is set to premiere, I believe, in March 2017 after the Vampire Diaries has ended. I also enjoy The Fosters, Pretty Little Liars, Jane the Virgin, and some others as well. (I wanted to update this a bit – The Vampire Diaries has ended and it was so sad – but very beautiful. I loved seeing so many familiar faces. Season 8 will be on Netflix by the time anyone reads this so I highly recommend binge watching it. The Originals season 4 premiere will have aired also by the time anyone reads this as well, so let’s hope this season is great! I have high hopes).

I have about 8 different journals that I like to keep around and one in particular has a “Makeup Wanted” list and I love it, hahahaha. I think it’s a good idea to write stuff down, whether it’s just a wishlist of things you want or keeping track of a list of things you need to accomplish in a day, such as homework for an example. It’s a must to have things neat and organized for me. I also have a list titled “Shipping Log” in another journal. It’s to keep track, within each month, items I have ordered online. I’m not sure how many people do this but I also like to keep tabs open of different shopping carts I have put together. I don’t keep a million tabs open (considering there are probably at least 10 websites that I’ve put things in a cart) but I keep the things I definitely want to purchase next open on a tab. So just a little insider right now I have a Nordstrom tab open 🙂

Online shopping is definitely a part of my personality. The feeling I get when I receive a package in the mail is phenomenal. It’s honestly such a small thing but it brings me great happiness. It’s the simple and small things in life honestly and it doesn’t get smaller than the Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers. I own close to maybe 20-30 right now. Probably one of my favorite things in the world and I love having many different scents to choose from. Especially around the different seasons (fall, winter). And in accordance to that, I love having candles lit. I feel like it makes the atmosphere more calming.

So that’s some things that came to mind to share about myself and if you have any specific questions… Just ask!

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Omg, I’ve actually been watching TVD! Super late on it, but now just about to finish up season 3! I’m in love with it and definitely planning on watching The Originals too! ❤

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